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Inspirational  Vs  Informative Learning

Learning can be an addiction, only when we seek to practice perfection. How many of the Top B-Schools, are serious about bringing change in to the system, rather than providing homogenous minds to win the corporate rat race.  And to make this a practical possibility, teaching is the only profession by which we can bring the change. Being a faculty has always been a crucial role in building the Society, As the society is nothing but a resulting block of bricks known as individuals, the making of an individual human being, has a direct link to society, hence to nation and the world at large. And as Individuals all the parents trust in teachers for which they truly know and believe that someone else could be a better influence upon their children than themselves.

The substantial role of those who are in Teaching Fraternity relies in terms of enhancing the learning capabilities and developing an interest towards respective subjects. In generic sense, from the context of any learner or student which teacher is teaching a particular subject determines whether they love or hate that subject. Hence it is quite common and natural for the student to identify the subject with the teacher, if the teacher is inspiring enough, the subject suddenly becomes interesting.

On the contrary, a false perception has started prevailing in terms of under rating the need and role of teacher, due to the advent of modern technology and Internet at finger tip. In fact there is an over load of information that is available, more than that can be handled, and this is exactly where the significance of teachers has increased because the information overload has contributed to more ambiguity and confusion than ever before, among the current generation students.

Hence it is evident that teaching doesn’t imply mere delivery of the information, but a teacher’s job is to inspire the student regarding the practical application of the information that is available. A faculty is no longer treated as a tape recorder or calculator who reads, rattles and process some information to learners. He/She is someone who is going to make a student’s life by inspiring them and enhancing them with realistic insights from the practical world, rather than reciting the references in text books and class room materials. And this has always been a main task of any faculty. And the only differential factor separating the so called top B-schools or Management institutes from the rest of the crowd is nothing but being enabled with the staff who are experts in Inspiring rather than informing.

Unfortunately, most of the so called Top Business Schools have mistaken information for education, and the emphasis has always been more on quantitative aspects like Syllabus and grades. Rarely do we come across a system, where the emphasis is more on events, learning outcomes rather than Mere syllabus.

And those selected few in the niche have realized the fact that, once we burden the brain with too much information, the possibility of intelligence gets depreciated. The key behind their success factor is that they could identify and understand that what we accumulate, How we process it and how we apply it are always separate phenomenon.

The purpose of education is to expand the horizons of individual human beings. But that is definitely not happening in the so called Top BBA and MBA colleges right now. And education today is entirely intellect-based. There is no other dimension of intelligence in it. Mistaking intellect for intelligence is a gross error. It is more like trying to drive the car on a single wheel instead of all four.

Intellect can function only within the framework of one’s memory, and the memory has always its limitations. Or in other words, our intellect functions with accumulated information. If our memory is removed, the intellect aspect becomes quite lifeless by itself. But there are other dimensions of intelligence within us that do not need the support of memory. If education systems do not focus on activating these dimensions of intelligence, we will end up creating mere monotonous workforce but no geniuses.

Intelligence need not be influenced, it needs to be inspired. And this happens only when we deviate the education from the conventional teaching and take it beyond the four walls of class rooms, whether it is in the form of events, seminars, conferences, cultural activities, clubs, what so ever. Only then the education enables an individual to adapt to situations and doing what is appropriate. That is the essence of intelligence.

It is sad but true, that the commercialized scenario of educational system has left us with little option, but to ask “What will earn you more money” as a more fundamental question. If we do not bring this change in our education system, there will only be a manufacturing unit, not education.Education is not a production line. It is an eternal phenomenon by itself and being productive is just one of the by-products of being educated. And as silver line of hope, let us be optimistic about more and more educational institutions, giving priority to the learning rather than passing the degree.

Krishna Mohan

Asst Professor

Roots Business School