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Today is yesterdays future, yesteryear’s development was future hundred years back, tomorrow is today’s future. Future is a carpet for productive next generations.

So future is always discussed, hence we need to decode that which decides.

A hairline difference between innovation and invention needs to be understood basically in order to go deep into the understanding of unexplored avenues

invention is finding new ways or new methods of making products, innovation is thinking creatively for something already exists.

Indian economy is one such area where innovation and invention has possibility to take place always. Some ideas are discussed here for development of our economy.

It is no secret that fast changing world facilitates plethora of job opportunities for next generations to come with abundance of aspirations in nook and corner of economy.

Growing population needs remedies. Technology is a magical wand in the hands of our times.

Here are some fields that need constant intensification or improvement for better technological society.


Desalination plants are the best remedial technology that is well available for cities locating near shores experiencing acute water shortage. Desalination is removal of heavy salt contents of sea water with added minerals pumped into the drinking water system for thickly populated cities and economic zones. Desalination technique worked very well in microscopic country israel. Israel’s irrigation for agriculture, water consumption is very high through desalination. India if adopts this technology chennai, mumbai, kolkata and other cities and villages suffering from shortage will be out of danger.


Milk industry is very key factor for our rural economic growth. Millions of cows are our assets. We possess bos indicus a type of breed that gives heavy milk production around the clock. Again we have to adopt israeli method where each cow gives more milk than our cows. In case of israeli method adoption ours cows gives abundant milk. We need to pasteurize milk and can export, results boon to the economy. Millions of cows means million liters of milk production another genesis of white revolution


Super computers and automation are very widely talked about in the recent past. Mechanization replaces muscle power, automation is utilisation of computers, technology into industrial production.

Production doubles with automation techniques like machine attachments, numerically operated machines, robotics etc.

Fearing automation replaces jobs is a myth. Automation gives raise to back-end operation jobs, service centres of computers which is boon for further job creation. We have millions of engineers who can be put into right places in right time.


Our export industry should be robust for its agility, so road ahead and way forward is profitable and productive.

Programmed super computers into production minimises accidents and maximises quality output. Techniques such as six sigma and quality circles lend efficacy in manufacturing.

Hydrogen fuel cells can replace fuel for vehicles, crude oil business depends upon OPEC nations decisions in price fixing. This leads to ruckus situation across the world. In order to reduce pollution, contamination of environment adoption of fuel cells are friendly for environment. Already non-polluting vehicles hit the roads. Complete pollution free is hydrogen run vehicles down the line.


It can again create jobs by charging bunks just like petrol bunks. A fully charged fuel cell vehicle travels not less than 500 kilometers.

America since years trying alternative for oil usage, succeeded namely “fracking” which has severe adverse effects of contaminating ground water. This is widely criticized.

Cashless economies are less corrupted. States with less cash develop better with reduced corruption and increased crypto currency dealings. But crypto currencies like “bit coin” needs authentic governmental nod. That is long waited. Advantages of cashless economy are money transfer from account to account is effectively tracked by government institutions, hence taxed.

Lengths and breadths of farming heartland depend on agriculture that needs technology for fast production. Depending on cheap labour is arduous because growing textile industry is employing them across the nation. So availability of labour becomes minimal. For sowing crops and harvesting machinery usage is very much helpful. It also doubles speed of harvesting and provides elbow room for next seasonal crops.

Our country around the year has conducive environmental conditions for agriculture. That needs to be remembered. Government needs to insure and subsidise machinery for agriculture, so our farmers can produce more crops for country. A segregation of country geographically for agriculture is a master move for more agrarian prosperity.

Robotics is another innovation that is proven way of getting more accurate results. In industries, hospitals, engineering works robots assistance is unparalleled. Sterling success of robots is well defined. It needs to be insured and subsidised for quicker growth and development of economy.

Solar energy is long lasting, with rise of temperatures solar energy acquisition is blessing in disguise. Maximum utilisation of solar energy is profitable solution and also can replace heavy electricity bills.

Solar plates manufacturing, installation also creates jobs around the year.

Future of solar energy is promised in all the ways.

Clean energy is godsend gift for our earth. Utilisation of wind, air, geothermal, natural gas comes under clean energy. Fossil fuels like natural gas, coal also helps in power generation economically and contribute for economy.