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Leadership development strategies for every student working to be the best version of them self is the most important goal of Roots Finishing School. Roots Finishing School imparts knowledge on leadership skills, personality development and communication skills apt for the leaders of the future. We impart knowledge and commit to executing these skills to the best of our capabilities.

Presentation is imperative in today’s world for every working professional. The nuances of personality development, leadership qualities and communications skills are something every aspiring professional must know before excelling in their individual careers. Roots Finishing School aims and commits to impart skills to every student about etiquette, protocols, body language, communication skills, confidence building and leadership skills.

Roots Finishing School’s main objective is to train every aspirant as a self-confident individual who is socially acceptable and are balanced individuals that create sensible leaders of the future. The leadership program is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that trains students with a holistic approach with constructive feedbacks and practical learning imperative to a balanced development of any individual.

●     Overview & Legacy

Roots Finishing School aims to create a globally recognized learning institution that fosters entrepreneurship, individual thinking, and empowers students to act as change agents and innovators in the global social and economic framework. Our legacy has adapted to industry needs and worldwide standards to instill the greatest standards of knowledge, discipline, values, and ethics. To create, communicate, and curate knowledge in order to attract and retain world-class talent in order to produce future leaders.

Roots Finishing School’s legacy prides itself with the trust of 1400+ students with a successful alumnus strength of 15000+ students.

Roots establishes a link between the individual and the industry by establishing the appropriate behaviour, values, and skill set in them.

The most important reasons to choose Roots Finishing School in Hyderabad are listed below.

The main motto at Roots Finishing School is all about, “It’s about you as a personality, not person.”

A person’s picture of a personality is formed in a variety of ways when they come in contact with us and communicate with us. This aids in creating a persona of who we are, and defines that persona in the light of true or untrue. The sum of aspects forms a lasting impression on any person in a social setting.

We have stalwarts’ instructors at ROOTS Finishing School who understand that all of these factors, taken together, account for how you carry yourself as a personality – not simply as a person.

● Legacy

Roots Finishing School has been in the education industry for more that 25+ years and continue to teach students from all backgrounds to enter into their choice of avenues with more confidence, communication skills and leadership qualities ready for future innovators.

● State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Roots provides stat of the art ecosystems for kids to succeed and thrive. We are always ready to provide the greatest habitat for students, from a convenient location in the heart of the city to modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, well-resourced libraries, sports facilities, conference and AV rooms.

● Reputed and Experienced Faculty

Roots faculty is a group of professionals hailing from their respective industries who bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table. They specialize in developing young minds into future leaders. Students are given cognitive and experiential learning from a young age to become the future leaders in their respective avenues.

● Course Highlight

Courses provided to aspirants in Roots Finishing School are listed below:

  • Art of speaking

The act or process of giving public speeches, as well as the art of effective oral communication with an audience, is referred to as Public Speaking. The process of giving a public statement extends much beyond the time spent on stage. Before those speeches can be delivered, there is a lot of background preparation work to be done. Similarly, describing public speaking as an art form entails more than just verbal communication. This course covers all the aspects of art of speaking.

  • Articulation skills

Articulation refers to the capacity to talk clearly and fluently. Some people have what is known as “the gift of gab.” Articulation is the ability to explain yourself clearly and concisely, as well as the ability to use appropriate words to help clarify your views. Articulation skills course helps students understand how to clearly communicate their thoughts and ideologies in a manner that leaves an impression.

  • Personality & Image

Personality and Image course will help you understand how to present yourself and how to create a perfect mental picture in a social setting. This course will help you polish your personality and will help in an overall development in one’s confidence.

  • Protocol

Protocol training refers to a system of rules, protocols, customs, and ceremonies that govern state-to-state contacts in the diplomatic sense. In general, protocol refers to the well acknowledged and accepted international civility system.

  • Placements Etiquette

This social skills refinement program helps you refine your placement etiquette.

● Industry Oriented Teaching

Root’s teaching is extremely practical and focused and centers around the industry needs, as it has evolved through ongoing engagement with industry leaders who serve on Industry and Academic Advisory Boards. The programme emphasizes the communication, problem-solving, development of analytical skills, and teamwork qualities in addition to theoretical knowledge. Presentations, case studies, industrial projects, research are thus an important element of a student’s education.

● Industry Interactions

Internships with industry experts provide students with practical experience, which is a crucial learning curve in their lives. In conjunction with reputable brands in the industry, Roots organizes both national and international student exchange programs. The programs are intended to broaden students’ minds and expose them to a variety of learning contexts.

● Extracurricular Activities

Root’s prides itself with 7 clubs centered around extracurricular activities. Activity clubs like Cultural Club, Toastmasters Club, Entrepreneur Club, Sports Club, Film Club, Theater Club are the seven clubs from Root’s.

● Top Ranking

Roots Collegium is linked with major universities and has worked with reputable business organizations to provide students with programme accreditations for internships and placements. Root’s has partnered with national and international institutions like CII, IWN and GIT.

● Hi-tech Campus

With experiential and cognitive learning, students get to be a part of a hi-tech campus that inculcates students with life changing skills and make them technologically equipped.


Root’s College is an impeccable institute for any student to pursue accredited courses and programs in the field of their choice. Root’s college helps an individual grow and thrive in an atmosphere that create future leaders with unique teaching methodologies. Students get to be a part of extracurricular activities with numerous clubs present in the college. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities impart students with freedom of choice that helps them become better individuals and the stellar faculty helps students gain perspectives in different avenues with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Why Choose Roots Finishing School, Hyderabad

Root’s Finishing Schools helps an individual become the best version of themselves with the value added courses and instills in them the societal responsibility of shaping their personalities that stand proud as future leaders and innovators for change.

To know more you can head on to https://roots.ac.in/roots-finishing-school/ and get more information about the courses, to make an informed decision.