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Process During COVID-19

  • Introduction

Covid’s first case was observed on 31st December 2019 and since then the conditions have worsened for the human race. Wearing masks and using sanitizers is the new normal. With this, several restrictions were imposed by the government.

Roots college offers students more than 23 different streams from which they can choose. After this, be ensured of a successful journey ahead with roots! Our highly experienced and professional teachers and guides make sure that each child performs up to their potential under all circumstances. With 4 distinct campuses and state-of-the-art infrastructure at roots, we are a family of more than 4000 students.

  • How Roots Junior College Support Students and the Learning Process During COVID-19

Roots junior college is one of the few colleges that have worked hard to provide the students with every facility even in these tough times. The college ensured that the students are taught by their respective professors daily like in previous years. Students were given mental health counselling services from time to time to ensure that their mental health stays good even in these tough times. The college ensures that the students do not face any difficulty and is flexible with its policies for Covid patients or those with a Covid patient in their family. The college made sure that no harm was done to their knowledge due to the circumstances.

Online Class Schedule

Our class schedule ensures that the students are still following a routine as it makes them disciplined citizens of tomorrow. They are given adequate breaks in between to ensure stress-free learning.


The highly experienced instructors have an efficient way to deliver instructions to students. Online studying has several tools including videos, PDFs, podcasts, and our instructors can use most of this equipment as a part of their lesson plans whenever required. Teachers at roots are extra efficient educators by extending the lesson plan beyond conventional textbooks to include online resources.

Accessibility of Time and Place

students can attend lessons from any place of their choice.  faculties reach out to a greater group of college students, as opposed to being confined by geographical boundaries. Additionally, online lectures are recorded, archived, and shared for future reference. This allows college students to access the studying material at a time of their comfort.


Another gain of online learning at roots junior college is decreased monetary costs. Online training is far more inexpensive in comparison to physical learning. This is because online learning gets rid of the cost points of pupil transportation, pupil meals, and most importantly, real estate. Additionally, all the course or study materials are available online at roots, therefore developing a paperless learning environment that is more inexpensive while also being environmentally friendly.

Improved Student Attendance

Since online training may be taken from home or place of choice, there are fewer probabilities of college students missing out on lessons, leading to improved student attendance. Also, even if a student misses a class, at roots junior college, the class can be recorded and attended at their convenience.

Suits A Variety of Learning Styles

Every pupil has a unique learning journey and a distinct learning style. Some college students are visual learners, at the same time as some students choose to study via audio. Similarly, a few college students thrive in the classroom, and other college students are solo learners who get distracted by huge groups. Roots ensure that all kinds of student’s needs are attended to and met by the faculty and no one faces an issue.

  • Closing

You can depend upon roots junior college to enhance your abilities and make you industry-ready! Roots junior college has now been supplying training to its students since 1991 and has effectively given the world numerous leaders and innovative individuals in their respective fields. With the experienced and cooperative faculty, the students can excel and do wonders!

Don’t let the pandemic ruin your learning with roots!

We, at roots, ensure that the child still has all the perks of attending roots that he would have had otherwise. From co-curricular to academic, all activities are conducted online with great zeal and enthusiasm to ensure that the child doesn’t miss out on learning! To know more about us, visit https://roots.ac.in/