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Today, the ropes of learning and education have taken on a new pathway. Acquiring knowledge on subjects that are out of the syllabus has gained prominence over the past few years. Understanding this requisite, Roots Junior College has come up with a program that enables students to learn things beyond their level to help them become career-ready.

Taking on an expansive subject pool, Roots Program Plus hopes to enrich the students’ knowledge and awareness, inspiring them to explore their passions and interests. Introducing this program under the Roots Junior College umbrella holds significance. After gaining popularity for excellence in learning, the college has a worthwhile curriculum that opens several doors for the students when they venture into the outside world. This diversity paved the way for a new idea that took shape in Roots Program Plus.

Here, you will learn more about this program, what this program entails, and why it has gained popularity. It will help you understand why this program can shape students for tomorrow and the professional world that awaits them.

What Is Roots Program Plus?

Roots Junior College provides a series of career enrichment workshops designed to introduce students to career-related courses. It hopes to inspire students to pursue their passions or to learn more about careers in that field. If you are a student, you can learn from subject-matter experts who are currently in practice. Professional development can assist you in advancing in your career.

The following value-added courses can change the outlook students have on education and learning.

  • ACCA

Roots Junior College is the only college in the area that provides ACCA certification (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK). The Association of Chartered Accountants in the United Kingdom (ACCA) is a global body for Chartered Accountants. The certification is globally recognized and widely accepted throughout Europe, Australia, East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. It will give students an advantage during placements. After finishing the program, students can sign balance sheets like any other Chartered Accountant in India.

  • Coaching For Entrance Exam

At Roots Junior College, we understand how important it is to get the right coaching to pass the entrance exams with flying colors. We offer preparation classes for a variety of entrance exams to help students achieve their goals. Experts in their respective fields coach for CLAT Entrance Test (Common Law Admission Test) and BBA Entrance Test.

CLAT is an entrance exam for students seeking admission to the top 20 law schools in India. They include NALSAR and Indian Law School in Bengaluru. Students who take CLAT will be better prepared to take law entrance exams such as LAWCET, KCET, and other entrance exams in India.

BBA is the foundation program for students pursuing a BBA degree or any other management-related course. This program benefits students attempting to pass entrance exams for top-tier universities such as Symbiosis (Pune), ICFAI, Christ University, and more.

  • Certification Courses

Roots Junior College offers a variety of opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and excel in various academic endeavors, including:

  • Diploma in French from Alliance Française
  • Diploma in Soft Skills from Roots Finishing School
  • Diploma Classes in Music & Painting from reputed Institutes
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in (Interior Designing , Fashion Designing , Photography and Short Film Making)

These enhancement programs can add to the student’s knowledge and help in upskilling them for future career prospects.

  • Hobbies And Pursuits

Roots Junior College offers music and painting classes and encourages students to pursue artistic endeavors. Roots Junior College caters to every such hobby and interest, whether sports, theatre, or any other pursuit students may have. Students with similar interests can connect through the several arenas built on campus.

Advantages Of Roots Program Plus

As you can see for yourself, Roots Program Plus offered by Roots Junior College caters to several interest areas of students, thus enabling them to pick up a subject or a hobby that they are most passionate about in their life. The students get an opportunity to learn from experts, attend fundamental business events, and receive training from industry leaders. The facilities offered for Roots Program Plus to excel meet and rise above the industry standards. From the sports and entertainment zones to purpose-built training rooms where students gain experience in their chosen subjects.

The many advantages of Roots Program Plus include:

  • Channelizing experience and business acumen for positive outcomes
  • Igniting entrepreneurial ideas by getting students in touch with successful business icons who guide and mentor students in achieving their goals
  • Shaping and nurturing future leaders to carve a niche for themselves in their chosen career

Why Choose Roots Junior College?

Finding a college that nurtures and shapes the students to take on the world comes far few and between nowadays. Roots Junior College steals the show with its magnificent infrastructure and in-depth programs and curriculum. You can take advantage of a convenient location, modern classrooms, and well-equipped laboratories. At Roots Junior College, the most experienced minds are hard at work, attempting to provide the best learning and education to their students.

Roots Junior College has an advantage because it is one of the top-ranked intermediate colleges in Hyderabad. The programs, students, faculty members, and everyone else associated with the college gives their all to help the college achieve the top spot in the world of education.


As the world evolves and innovation shapes the future, creating programs that adhere to the new challenges and interests takes the education system by storm. Stepping up and taking this as an opportunity to shape the students’ future, Roots Junior College brings forth Roots Program Plus – designed to shape the students for a brighter tomorrow.

Shape Your Tomorrow With Roots Junior College

A college experience comes only once in a lifetime, so making the most of it is critical. Aside from the numerous reasons mentioned above, Roots Junior College can serve as a gateway to your bright future, allowing you to make informed decisions and make wise choices. Roots Junior College is known for its diverse programs like Roots Program Plus, hand-picked faculty with a wealth of experience, and an inclusive environment that caters to every student. Here’s what your life at Roots Junior College will look like: < https://rjc.ac.in/>.