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Hotel management has become a popular career path among students. With the rise of globalization, this course has created a significant demand for Indian hotel management professionals globally. Hotel management courses will assist you in covering various trends and challenges and identifying roles and responsibilities. It covers the understanding of several aspects of managing Hotel or Hospitality services, Restaurants & QSRs, Bar Operations, Banqueting, Catering services, and it will prepare you for the entire Service Industry.

Today, the hotel industry hires hotel management candidates because they find them groomed with a wide range of hospitality services during the course curriculum. Candidates get trained in several areas such as food production and operations, food and beverage service, kitchen and catering skills, sales and marketing, front office operations, accommodation and housekeeping services, customer care, and management.

In this article, you will understand the scope of hotel management and catering and the career opportunities. You will also learn what Roots College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts brings to the table.

What is the Scope of Hotel Management?

As new hotels, restaurants, and spas spring up in small towns and major cities across the globe, the demand for trained professionals is increasing rapidly. You might notice that the hospitality industry is experiencing a new and unprecedented boom due to the rise in trends. Many businesses are expanding their operations and entering the global market. It has broadened the range of opportunities available to hotel management students.

A hotel management professional can work in several industries, such as hotels, resorts, aviation, fast food chains, restaurants, cruise lines, event management, retail outlets, catering businesses, and many more. If you are a hotel management aspirant, you have a promising future in the hospitality industry. There is a wide range of opportunities and career paths available in this industry, such as:

  • International and National Hotel Chains
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services
  • Kitchen Management in Hotels and Catering Business
  • Club or Restaurant Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cruise Lines
  • Hospitality Services in the Armed Forces
  • Management Officer in Government Organizations
  • Event Management and Retail

One notable result of multiculturalism is a significant increase in the tourism and hospitality industries. With India being one of the most desirable travel destinations, the government is encouraging and investing in the development of these industries by providing skilled professionals.

Is Hotel Management A Good Course?

Hotel management is one of the most job-oriented fields, with job opportunities expanding in global markets. The hotel management course curriculum trains students in food production, food services management, catering & accommodation, customer service, event operations assistance, customer care, and more.

The demand for hotel management professionals is high and expected to grow further as the number of hotels built in India and globally increases. Every year, it entices a large number of students to pursue it.

The Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) program at Roots College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts is a three-year intensive program for students who want to carve a niche in Hotel Management. It prepares students for diverse managerial roles in prestigious national and international hospitality firms by providing them with intellectual and leadership skills. Its multi-disciplinary approach focuses on the critical analysis of management styles and strategic thinking required for success in hotel management.

How is Hotel Management as a Career Option?

Every year, many international tourists visit India, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. As a result, India’s Hotel Management and Hospitality sectors account for a sizable proportion of career opportunities in the service sector.

Due to the increasing competition in the hotel industry, many more exciting job opportunities for hotel management graduates will emerge soon. Apart from jobs in hotels and restaurants, hotel management graduates can find employment in diverse fields.

What Are the Career Opportunities After a Hotel Management Course?

After completing the course, candidates can apply for various open positions with large hotel networks. There is a high demand for skilled and enthusiastic professionals in the armed forces, aviation, and voyage transportation. So, if you want to pursue a career in hotel management, it is a well-thought-out decision.

When you graduate from hotel management school, you will have several job opportunities at your disposal. Because the hospitality industry has many departments such as operations, food and beverage, front office, bookkeeping, security, and so on, you can choose your preferred department and apply for various positions.

Here is the list of career opportunities and job profiles after completing Hotel Management Course:

  • Kitchen Stewarding Supervisor

Stewards handle day-to-day tasks such as tracking customer service in a dine-in restaurant, coordinating with the restaurant manager and owners during room service, and so on. Excellent communication skills, patience, courtesy, and a willingness to work extra hours are all required interpersonal traits for becoming a steward.

  • Assistant Manager/Restaurant Manager

The Assistant Manager or Restaurant Manager supervises any organization’s activities or franchise, eating establishments, and restaurants. They handle and serve food and beverages, among other things. They must have a few fundamental skills, such as strong leadership, communication, and management abilities.

  • Guest Relation Executive (GRE)

The main point of contact for guests is the Guest Relation Executive. Ideally, GRE is in charge of making guests feel welcome. They assist and guide guests throughout their stay at the hotels, ensuring that they are satisfied with their services and stay.

  • Assistant Manager Administration

The Assistant Manager Administration is in charge of the entire operation of their establishment and oversees all essential aspects such as housekeeping, catering, food quality, decoration, finances, and more. They are in charge of supervising guests during check-in and check-out.

  • Assistant Guest Delight Manager

Handling guest concerns, grievances, and complaints in a timely and efficient manner. In charge of VIP guests, arrivals, and departures. Greeting guests politely and professionally, responding to and escalating customer complaints and giving vital information about facilities, events, and other services.

  • Front Officer Manager

In an office setting, the front office manager is the most senior position. They are in charge of handling all customer calls and inquiries. They make sure that the customer gets properly accommodated based on their needs. Excellent communication skills, managerial abilities, and good leadership qualities are required.

  • Restaurant Captain

Restaurant Captain offers a fantastic experience to both contributors and customers. They supervise and manage front-of-house operations on the floor. They are in charge of the opening and closing of operations and the delegation of staff.

  • Chef

Hotel management graduates can become chefs. If they are experts in food production or bakery and patisserie, they can work in any hotel or restaurant globally and excel in their career. They are primarily in charge of food production, inventing new recipes, setting up menus, and preparing high-quality dishes per consumer demand and specialization.

  • Housekeeping Associate/Team Leader

The housekeeping Associate/Team leader works with you to improve your stay. They are in charge of the upkeep, cleanliness, and tidiness of your visit. The housekeeping associate supervises the entire housekeeping staff. They can work in hotels, hospitals, resorts, and corporate offices, among other places.

Why Choose Roots College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts (RHMCA)?

There are several reputable colleges and B-Schools in India that offer Professional Hotel Management Courses today and Roots College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts is one of the top Hotel Management College in Hyderabad, India. RHMCA’s Hotel Management curriculum combines theory with authentic hands-on learning experiences and interactions with industry professionals.

Students get trained through real-world training and skill orientation programs that prepare them for employment in the industry. They are exposed to cutting-edge trends and equipped with the most advanced practical skills required of any Chef, F&B Service Expert, Room Division Manager, or other hospitality professional. You can take up any of the following degree courses that are globally certified:

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts

Start An Exciting Career In Hotel Management At RHMCA

Roots College of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts, one of India’s premier hotel management institutes, has the right mix of programs, infrastructure, experts, certifications, and placements to propel students to national and international careers in the hospitality industry.

RHMCA is committed to educating future global leaders, with relentless hard work and missionary zeal, by providing an exceptional level of hospitality education with the highest level of support and recognition from the hospitality industry. So, you can kickstart your career in hotel management by enrolling yourself in one of the programs here. You can learn more about the different courses offered here by filling out the form and explore https://roots.ac.in/ for more information.