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Education remains the top priority for most students and parents alike. While choosing a college might be a daunting task, it is essential to learning the ropes of higher education. The upside to the process of selecting a reputable intermediate college is the chance to gauge the best-suited programs for yourself. Roots Junior College in Hyderabad happens to earn its merit based on several aspects, much of which are needed to help students excel in their chosen field. Being one of the top-rated colleges has its advantages, and that’s what we will discuss today.

Over the years, Roots Junior College has gained popularity and laid a solid foundation of excellence in learning. While knowledge forms the base, other activities help groom the students for the competitive world that waits outside the gates. Diversity in curriculum and its students make the entire college experience worthwhile.

After all, college is all about the experience. So, without further ado, let’s understand why studying at Roots Junior College, a top intermediate college in Hyderabad is in your interest and how it will change your outlook towards learning and education.

Top Reasons to Choose Roots Junior College, Top Intermediate College in Hyderabad

When you think about college, you want to experience everything that it has to offer – programs, extra-curricular, and the like. But, have you stopped to wonder what makes this experience truly memorable? As mentioned earlier, choosing a college that ticks all the boxes in your checklist may seem difficult to come by, but not impossible. If it has to do with excellence and quality, Roots Junior College takes the cake away. Among other things, it enriches your learning experience and sets forth a stepping stone for success.

In the world of education, the following are some of the top reasons you should pick Roots Junior College, Hyderabad, as your intermediate college.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Roots Junior College offers some of the best infrastructures for students to excel and grow. You can make the most of a favorable location, contemporary classrooms, and well-equipped laboratories. In addition, you can find well-appointed libraries, sports facilities, conference & AV rooms geared up to offer the best ecosystem for students.

  • Reputed and Experienced Faculty

Finding the right people to teach and nurture young talents can only be achieved by picking well-reputed, experienced faculty members. At Roots Junior College, you will find the most experienced minds at work, trying to offer the best learning and education to their students.

  • Top Ranking

Being one of the top-ranked intermediate colleges in Hyderabad gives Roots Junior College an edge. The programs, students, faculty members, and everyone associated with the college bring out their best and helps achieve the top position in the world of education.

  • Facility

You will find all the facilities needed to enhance the students’ learning experience here at Roots Junior College. For the overall development of the students, both academic and extra-curricular facilities dot the junior college and help students find their purpose.

  • Industry-Oriented Teaching

Depending on the subjects you choose, the faculty will engage in teaching practices and material at par with the industry. It helps the students stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their chosen field and stay toe-to-toe with the industry experts.

  • Hi-tech Campus

Spread across acres of land, Roots Junior College is equipped with the best of facilities and creates an environment that favors learning. It trains young minds to evolve into future leaders with the help of best-in-class equipment and infrastructure.

  • Student Clubs

Roots Junior College provides the best opportunities to keep your mind and body in shape. There are numerous clubs and associations to keep your interests alive, your mind buzzing with innovative ideas, and your learning experience enriched. You can select and join clubs based on your interests. They can assist you in developing your personality and enhancing your student life.

  • Roots Program Plus

Roots Junior College offers a series of career enrichment workshops to introduce students to career-related courses. It hopes to encourage them to pursue their interests or learn more about careers in that field. Subject-matter experts who are currently in practice can teach you. Professional training can help you advance in your career.

The Roots Junior College Intermediate Program comes with additional Integrated Courses in affiliation with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), an internationally-recognized educational body for Level 1 of the course. It also offers to coach BBA, CLAT, and CIVILS (IAS, IPS, IFS).

On the other hand, Roots Program Plus offers several enriching diploma and certification options. You can opt for Diploma in Spoken French from Alliance Française, Hyderabad, Diploma in Roots Finishing School for soft skills training and more, and Certificate in Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Photography & Short Filmmaking, and Culinary Arts.

You can find your passion by choosing affiliate programs offered with the intermediate programs by Roots Junior College.

  • Extracurricular Activities

Whether it’s sports, theatre, or any other pursuit students might have, Roots Junior College caters to every such hobby and interest. The arenas built within the campus allow students with similar interests to connect.

  • Vibrant and Inclusive Environment

At Roots Junior College, you will find an ecosystem that is inclusive, vibrant, and positive. A winning mix of student clubs, extra-curricular activities, industry workshops, and presentations challenge and encourage students every step of the way, thus helping them excel.

All of these reasons make Roots Junior College what it is! Aiming for excellence by providing quality education and an inclusive learning environment is what defines Roots Junior College. So, if you want to have the college experience everyone talks about, here’s just the right college for you.


You cannot compromise on learning and education as it paves the way to your future. Finding a college that best suits your interests should come easy. However, education isn’t always about programs and faculty. It includes infrastructure, facilities, and an experience that counts as a building block for your future. So, remember to make a sound decision when you decide to pick a college for intermediate studies. It can help shape your career and you as an individual for years to come.

Why Roots Junior College?

A college experience comes but once in your life and making the most of it counts. Apart from the multiple reasons mentioned above, Roots Junior College can become your guiding light and allow you to make informed decisions and choose wisely. The diverse programs, hand-picked faculty with a wealth of experience, and an inclusive environment that caters to every student are what Roots Junior College comprises. Take a look at what your college life will look like right here:  <https://rjc.ac.in/>