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Opting for the right degree program is more about opting for the right college. In general, it all starts with a similar story pattern. The student goes to school to experience numerous aspects of life, from academic to social activities and beyond. Considering the importance of college selection decisions, prospective students should think carefully about where they decide to enroll when looking over their options.

Usually, the wheel of learning gets stuck during the college selection process. We all know the fact that choosing a college can be really stressful at times. Hence, we are here with a renowned college name in Hyderabad that will be suitable for pursuing Film & Media courses. Further, we will guide you through the college search process by listing a few salient features of the college.

Roots College of Film & Media is amongst the leading Film & Media Institute in India nurturing aspirants with a flawless mix of exceptional outlined programs, contemporary infrastructure, worldwide placements and more.

Started in 1991, the Roots College of Film & Media has marked excellence in the education sector with an ultimate mission, “To provide an exceptional level of hospitality education, through the highest level of support and recognition from the hospitality industry.”

As you scroll down, you will get a clear idea about the advantages of pursuing Advertising, Direction & Production or Photography related courses from Roots College of Film & Media in Hyderabad.

Before you spend more time investigating the Best Film & Media colleges in Hyderabad, India, let us read the blog further and learn a little bit more about Roots College of Film & Media.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Choose Roots College of Film & Media in Hyderabad, India

  1. Legacy

In recent times, Roots has established a total of four campuses, 7 colleges, 23 programmes, 70 faculty, 1400 students and 15000 alumni. The world-class amenities, seasoned faculty, well-designed curriculum and innovative approach to learning pledge to create a learning alliance where talent, creativity meets human values. 

Roots is the only college that has been affiliated with the top-notch design school from Italy.

  1. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The 25,000 sq.ft. the sprawling campus is set up in the heart of Hyderabad city. Eminent members of the college believe “Functionalities and effectiveness are the guiding principles in designing the infrastructure.” To provide the best the college has invested heavily in the infrastructure, learning facilities, campus accommodation and industrial exposures.

  1. Reputed and Experienced Faculty

Learning is not effective if not taught by experienced mentors. Learning at Roots is defined as “perfect”. As it wraps knowledge, fun & expertise in the same envelope. All the faculty members count 8+ years of academic and industry experience.

The key objective of our faculty & staff focuses on an individual and help them excel. They follow a pragmatically outlined mode of teaching that equip the students with the Right behaviour, the Right beliefs and the Right skill set.

  1. Different types of teaching mediums are:
  • Classroom lectures
  • PPT Presentations 
  • Seminars & presentations from students
  • Group discussions
  • Role Play
  1. Course Highlights

The Roots College of Film & Media offers a 3-year graduate program in which students can explore the various aspects of film & media. These programs enable the students to learn and experience the film making craft and enter their interested arena with more poise.

Listing various courses:

  • Direction, Advertising and Digital Marketing
  • Direction and Cinematography
  • Direction and Editing
  • Direction & Production
  • Direction & Script Writing
  • Photography & Digital Imaging

Also you can consider the following factors:

  1. Industry Oriented Teaching

Roots subscribe to the essence of education through “Experiential Learning”. This facilitates the students to get the hands-on experience which they can adopt in industry. The real-time experiential learning approach at Roots has been constantly driving academic excellence across the globe.

A few approaches of learning include

  • Management Games that will assist a person with thinking about the feet and lift administrative abilities.
  • Structured preparing and individual tutoring to assist aspirants with accomplishing their future corporate objectives.
  • Group Discussions to invigorate propensities, practices and character qualities.
  • Industrial visits and instructive visits to support viable learning and involved experience combined with hypothetical information.
  • Life Skills Lab enhances communication, social abilities, cooperation, corporate practices and negotiation abilities.
  • Extempore to upgrade credence, relational abilities, coherent and logical reasoning.
  • Social Awareness programs that spur to seek after welcoming associations with one another and reinforce group exercises.
  1. Industry Interactions

Industry-institute interaction is the most preferred activity ensuring that practice meets theory across all functional areas. Every institute should essentially promote industry interaction for holistic and mutual development of industries as well as institutions.

It enhances a student’s interpersonal skills and making them job-ready. Such interactions are organized by the institutes via case discussions, internships, panels and summits discussions guided under the potential thinkers, experts and practitioners. Candidates are massively gain benefits from intensive mentoring by enthusiastic and highly committed industry professionals. With an aim to grow globally competent professionals, quality technical and theoretical learning is provided to them.

The most beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you and college is the epitome where you will benefit yourself with valuable and inexhaustible learning.

Always remember to consider your priorities, focus on your goals and enjoy the journey. And this will be only possible if you land taking admission in the most enviable Film & Media college.

Why Choose Roots College of Film & Media in Hyderabad?

Roots College of Film & Media has been preparing graduates for immediate employment in the media & entertainment industry. To give rise to potential young talents, the faculty members engrossed in imparting universally admired knowledge and skills.

We equip professionals with the latest technologies, practices and strategies to fight back the emerging corporate challenges. So, without pondering much, persuade yourself to achieve greatness!

For that, you have to consult our career counsellors and seek advice to enroll in the right program at Roots College of Film & Media. Or you can also visit the website to gain in-depth insights on the Film & Media courses.