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Design is a particularly advanced field that continuously calls for educated and professional people. It embodies many subfields inside it and is in addition divided into diverse specializations. Careers in design have a great scope and there’s a non-stop demand for those who are creative as well as friendly with new techniques of the designing world. The design includes specializations in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Textile Design, Transportation Design among many others. Some specializations in Design require arithmetic as a compulsory subject, for instance, Web Design, Robotics Design, and Sound Design.

To make a successful profession in design, a person needs to now no longer only work on creative competencies but is also required to study the art of being attentive to every tiny detail. A profession in designing requires plenty of precision and hard work which isn’t always difficult as long as the candidate is making the apt choices. To be successful in the designing subject, it is very essential to choose an appropriate college for admission because the right university can assist in shaping the future of the student.

Top Design Professions that Have a Long and Successful

With an ever-changing era and booming multinational companies, the call for designers is growing at a fast pace. Companies are constantly looking for talented and skillful designers who can cater to the needs of the enterprise. The career scope in design has increased with the flourishing design enterprise. From just a fashion designing path the design enterprise has grown its community in all directions.

The upcoming courses include graphic design, interior design, fashion design and I/UX design among others.

Future of Fashion, Interior, Graphic, I/UX Design

  • Graphic designer– As per a survey conducted by the Labour Statistics Branch, designing is one of India’s emerging fields. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the sector is expected to grow by 5% by 2026.
  • Interior designer – According to MarketWatch, the interior design business in India is predicted to expand by 8.5 percent by 2025. In 2018, the interior design industry was worth $130,00.
  • UI/UX designer- As the number of start-ups in India grows, so does the UI/UX industry, as many start-ups require the services of a UI/UX designer. UI/UX designers are one of the most in-demand specialists today, according to several recent studies. India has a virtual economy of 1.3 billion people, demonstrating how important UI/UX will be in the next years.
  • Fashion design- The fashion retail market in India is predicted to develop at a rate of 9.7 CAGR. The fashion enterprise in India is also aiming to grow Rs 1,000 crores from the current Rs 180 crore in the subsequent ten years.

Its importance

Design can help transform the way we look at things and result in new economic benefits and a better quality of life.

  • Graphic designer- With the help of these designers you can create a stunning website according to your aesthetic, design your products or packaging, and it is used for accommodating online marketing (social media) and print media (newspapers, magazines) purposes to establish your brand.
  • Fashion designer-The role of a fashion designer is to design new clothing and accessories, but not only that they are also the ones who take the existing fashion trends and materials and create new designs and products using their creativity.
  • UI/UX designer- A UI/UX designer is responsible for designing the software program and interface of any mobile application that we use today. A UI/UX designer’s main goal is to improve the exploration and engagement with websites, mobile apps, software, and video games by designing user interfaces. These designers concentrate on designing designs that make using the app or website easier, more appealing, and fun. The UI and Ux designers focus on an easy interface for seamless operation of websites, mobile apps.


The excellent design professions in India which will best grow effectively are UI/UX Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Animation Designer and Graphic Designer. So, if you’re thinking about pursuing design as a career, have a look at these occupations to help you make a decision about your future. In the next ten years, India’s design sector will expand significantly.

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