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Cinema is an essential component of our lives. It holds a mirror to society and is an effective medium of human creativity and expression. The pandemic has redefined the significance of amusement and cinema like never before. While the sector was constrained to their homes, it became art, cinema, and movies that kept humans entertained and helped them get through this worldwide crisis. Currently, the Media and Entertainment Industry in India is developing faster than the country’s galloping GDP! And this highlights the huge career scope and limitless professional possibilities in this sector. Filmmaking additionally has different advantages aside from the professional possibilities. In this blog, let’s look at some top reasons why studying filmmaking lets you build a successful profession!

Top Reasons to Pursue Film and Media Studies

There are numerous reasons to begin your journey and pursue film and media studies.

  • Choose your Career according to your Passion and Interest

you are free to choose the career as per your interest and passion. There are various fields within the movie-making business, which allows one to choose his/her area of passion and master that particular field.

  • Practical Exposure and Adventure

Making a movie can frequently demand shooting in exceptional locations across the globe. And hence, the filmmaking profession offers countless opportunities to tour diverse places across the world, get to meet new people, discover diverse cultures, cuisines, languages, etc. whilst having a successful career. The world has accepted the significance of cinema and enjoyment in current times. And this has elevated the scope of the sector exponentially.

  • Multiple career options and a variety of choices

Talented Filmmakers and experts withinside the associated fields find numerous career possibilities withinside the international market. Filmmaking isn’t one person’s job. Various specialists come together and bring their knowledge to create a movie successfully. This means, by learning filmmaking you could discover a couple of career avenues and pick a place that best fits you. Students who major in Cinema and Media Studies will be prepared to think critically, formally, theoretically, and historically. The programme aims to improve students’ ability to comprehend cultural production techniques in broader contexts, as well as their discourse and writing skills.

  • Art and Creativity

Studying Filmmaking and its nuances offers you a medium to channelize your creativity. Being innovative coupled with advanced understanding and filmmaking capabilities can result in a rewarding career. It additionally helps you to discover the extent of your creativity and trains you to expand it even further. This means that when you discover your area of interest and unique creative edge – you’ll constantly have a sense of relevance withinside the enterprise

  • Cinema never goes out of date

Movies are the most entertaining ways to escape or even discover the matter of everyday living. Movies also assist humans to connect as they may be excellent for dates, time with family and simply taking a break from life’s demands. In addition, the one element about filmmaking is that it is by no means out of date. The innovative enterprise is constantly searching for sparkling talent, or even if you are entering from some other field, your innovation is what will make certain that you thrive.

  • Work placements and professional contacts

In an enterprise as hands-on and competitive as Film Making, experience and contacts are very important. Obtaining them is much easier with a degree in this field, as work experiences are typically required as part of the curriculum. Many of the faculty have enterprise experience in Film Making or know people who do.

  • Transferable skills

A Filmmaking degree will help you build a diverse set of abilities. This will come in handy if you decide to pursue a different path after graduation. You’ll learn how to develop an innovative concept and see it through to the end, gain venture management skills, enjoy working with state-of-the-art technology, and acquire the potential to examine your very own work – all valuable traits in any profession.

  • Interaction with Famous Personalities

Filmmaking facilitates you to build a sturdy network with specialists in this area and movie enthusiasts. This gives a chance to learn plenty about the art from specialists and get new views about creating a movie. It additionally gives possibilities for mutual growth and career advancement.


Students who major in Cinema and Media Studies will be prepared to think critically, formally, theoretically, and historically. The programme aims to improve students’ ability to comprehend cultural production techniques in broader contexts, as well as their discourse and writing skills. Students will gain the tools to approach contemporary media surroundings from an ancient and international perspective, and could thus be capable of work within a changing mediascape.

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