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CEC: It’s a diverse group that includes commerce, economics alongside civics. Since it is a diverse group you’ll get to study contemporary-day accountancy with basics, so that it will be useful in further studies like B.Com (General/Computers), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) etc. It also consists of civics, you can also understand political sciences, public management, and write civil service examinations. CEC is an excellent choice and after CEC students can be part of graduating courses and later do MBA (Master of Business Administration) which is likewise very popular and whose candidates are recruited like hotcakes around the world

Why Choose CEC Course Group After 10th

C.E.C. is an exceptional choice after completion of the 10th standard. The scholar has various study options ahead like Soon after the completion of CEC courses in intermediate, students can be a part of numerous three-year Bachelor’s degree courses including B.COM, B.A., BBM, and BBA.  students can get an honoured role in the corporate world after pursuing the course. CEC group also opens doors for a variety of job opportunities and career options. All in all, if finance interests you, it is the best alternative for you.

CEC Course:  Importance, Benefits, Future

Highlight about Goal and Interest of user

A course should only be pursued if it interests you and your competencies and career goals are in line with it. The student must experience a good feeling while studying these subjects and then only should he pursue this course because these are the subjects that he’ll have to study for the rest of the period. Do check if your chosen career requires a CEC group or if it requires something entirely different.


The CEC group is very important in today’s world where financial education is the need of the hour. If a person has a good source of finance but poor financial management, that finance is wasted. This is where the CEC group enters and spreads awareness of financial literacy. Understanding these subjects is very much important due to the value they add to an individual.


C.E.C. is a wonderful choice as after completion of C.E.C, the student can go for CS, ICWA, and CA. Soon after the completion of CEC courses in intermediate, scholars can join several 3 years Bachelor’s degree courses such as B.COM, B.A., BBM, and BBA. Other benefits of this course include the financial knowledge a student now has access to. They can understand their finances very well and even manage them appropriately.

Future Scope

This course has always been one of the most demanded ones! Since not everyone understands finance, every organization needs people who are well taught in financial and economic courses. There is a lot of scope for the people pursuing the CEC group. With the importance of financial literacy being focussed upon at initial levels in the school itself, there is an awareness for the same created. This group of subjects has dynamic scope.

Career Opportunities

The group has higher possibilities than other groups. To get Government jobs the above group could be very beneficial to the scholars. Pupils may also enter into the accounting field by the guides ICWA / CA. The C.E.C group could be very beneficial for the state-wise secretariat jobs/authorities jobs for the early career. There is an enhancing demand for the ones who’ve finished commerce courses. There also are different possibilities for commerce students in insurance, mutual funds, banking, capital market, investment banking, import, export corporations and financial fields.

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